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  March 6, 2015 Are American’s Being Persecuted For Exposing Government Fraud And Abuse?
  March 3, 2015 Who’s A Bigger Threat To Your Freedom, ISIS Or The Federal Government?
  February 17, 2015 Obama to Close Small Business Administration With Ronald Reagan Plan
  February 10, 2015 Obama To Close Only Pro Middle Class Agency in Government
  January 14, 2015 New Federal Policy To Protect Fraudulent Firms Coming In January
  December 15, 2014 Congress Renewed Pentagon Program To Cheat Small Businesses Into 28th Year
  November 26, 2014 I Just Won A Major Lawsuit Against The Pentagon, When’s My IRS Audit?
  November 17, 2014 Is Lloyd Chapman One Of The Strongest Voices For Small Businesses?
  November 10, 2014 Federal Small Business Programs Will Be Doomed With Republican Congress?
  October 31, 2014 SBA Spokesman Terry Sutherland’s Halloween Costume Is The Invisible Man
  October 28, 2014 Will Closing the SBA Really Help Streamline the Government?
  September 25, 2014 The SBA Should Be Investigated By The FBI And The GAO
  September 18, 2014 SBA Struggles To Cover Up Rampant Fraud Against Mounting Evidence
  August 14, 2014 Robin Williams Was Hilarious, Courageous and Kind
  August 7, 2014 Washington Post Finds SBA Has Fabricated Contracting Data for Years
  July 30, 2014 One Call To SBA’s Terry Sutherland Could Lead To A Pulitzer Prize
  July 8, 2014 Terry Sutherland’s Appearance Explained with New SBA Fraud Protection Policy
  July 1, 2014 SBA Magic Trick Turns Thousands of Big Businesses into Small Ones
  June 27, 2014 SBA Expected to Release Fraudulent and Falsified Small Business Data Soon
  June 23, 2014 Does Terry Sutherland Prove The Pentagon Runs The Small Business Administration?




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