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  March 3, 2017 Will Cheating Small Business Be Part of Making America Great Again?
  November 9, 2016 Trump Should End The Obama Administration’s Anti-Small Business Policies
  October 7, 2016 Trumps “Jobs Jobs Jobs” Economic Plan Can’t Possibly Work
  September 29, 2016 Trump Will Lose If He Won’t Expose Obama’s Anti-Small Business Policies
  August 12, 2016 More Anti-Small Business Job Killing Policies Coming From Obama Administration
  May 12, 2016 Trump Should Back Injunction to Stop SBA Corruption and Fraud
  January 13, 2016 President Obama Must Be Suffering From Cognitive Dissonance
  December 30, 2015 Republican Presidential Candidates Should Be Courting Small Businesses
  May 22, 2015 Louisiana Senator Vitter To Expose Obama Anti-Small Business Policies
  April 28, 2015 How Far Will Obama Go To Silence Whistleblower Lloyd Chapman?
  April 15, 2015 Obama Plan To Kill Federal Small Business Programs Goes Unreported
  February 27, 2015 Obama Administration Proposes Final Phase In Killing Small Business Programs
  February 13, 2015 Obama’s Anti-Small Business “Safe Harbor From Fraud Policy” Goes Unreported
  February 6, 2015 Obama 2016 Budget Will Close The Small Business Administration
  January 29, 2015 Will Obama’s Middle Class Economic Plan Include Closing the SBA?
  October 24, 2014 Obama’s Trying To Kill The SBA, Who’s Trying To Stop Him
  October 9, 2014 New Obama Policies Will Destroy IT Computer Value Added Resellers
  September 24, 2014 There Was More Freedom Of The Press Under Bush Administration
  August 22, 2014 Obama Continues To Cheat American Small Businesses Out Of Billions
  August 6, 2014 Washington Post Getting Closer to Accusing the SBA of Fraud




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