• Case 1: filed 10-06-04, against SBA over Eagle Eye Report, WON on 06-30-05
  • Case 2: filed 11-22-05, against SBA over Contract Protests, WON on 8-11-06
  • Case 3: filed 04-18-06, against SBA over FOIA to disclose GTSI name, WON on 01-22-07
  • Case 4: filed 05-03-06, against NASA over Names of firms given contracts, WON on 02-07-07
  • Case 5: filed 02-06-08, against SBA for FY2005-06 Records, WON on 4-15-09
  • Case 6: filed 03-12-09, Mike Stamler Telephone records – (ongoing)

Lloyd Chapman's Track Record

Since Ronald Reagan's administration, Lloyd Chapman has been active in the fight for small businesses. Here is a look at a few of the highlights of his efforts.

Lloyd's efforts were publicized when the Reagan administration changed the small business size standards from 100 to 500 employees
Filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that triggered a Congressional investigation into the F-22 Stealth fighter that forced the Air Force and Lockheed Martin to allocate an additional $501 million to small and minority-owned firms.
Filed a lawsuit against Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) over large companies' small business subcontracting goals (view document) President Clinton issues Executive Order 12928 promoting improved SDB contracting as a direct result of the DLA lawsuit (download PDF of Presidential Document)
President Clinton issues Executive Orders 12958 and 12968 changing FOIA restrictions and making it easier to get information. (download PDF of Presidential Document for EO 12958 and EO 12968)
Information provided by Lloyd prompted a Government Accountability Office(GAO) investigation confirming that, in direct conflict with the Small Business Act of 1953, a significant number of small business contracts were being awarded to some of the world’s largest corporations. (LA Times article covering the opening of the investigation)
Lloyd testified before Congress during the GAO investigation (download transcript from GAO investigation or review report of hearing) The Associated Press (AP) ran a nationwide story on Lloyd's GAO testimony (review CBS News article) Lloyd succeeded in calling for the removal of 600 large firms from the SBA's Pro-Net Database (now CCR). (review Inc Magazine coverage, download a PDF report from the Committe of Small Business, or download a ZIP file of ASBL's complete folder of documentation.)
Fought the SBA rule change to increase the size standard for the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for the IT industry. Lloyd succeeded and they kept the classification for small business at 150 employees or fewer. (read Computer Reseller News coverage, or a report of the proceedings.)
Lloyd took an active role with the GAO in the investigation of the US Department of Energy (DOE), finding that they had falsified small business contracting data. (read Entrepreneur magazine coverage, or All Business coverage)
Provided information to the SBA Inspector General which prompted the release of reports 5-15 and 5-16. The SBA Inspector general admitted in 5-15 admitted that “One of the most important challenges facing the [SBA]... is that large businesses are receiving small business procurement awards and agencies are receiving credit for these awards”
Sued the SBA forcing the release of information on all firms whose contract protests had been denied (Pioneering Solutions coverage, Dollars and Sense Coverage)
Lloyd mounted a nationwide campaign against the grandfathering / 5-year recertification loophole which allowed large firms 5 years after aquiring a small company before losing the acquired firm's small business status. (Download a PDF report from the Set Aside Alert, listen to a radio interview, review Computer Reseller News coverage, download a PDF of Washington Technology's coverage, or read Eagle Eye Inc's report)
Worked with (and later filed suit against) the SBA Inspector General to release information on Insight Public Sector falsely claming to be a small business. They were eventually fined $1 million thanks largely to Lloyd's involvement. (read Government Executive's news story, or Minority and Women In Business coverage.)
After a failed attempt to work in partnership with the SBA, filed suit against the SBA Inspector General to release information on GTSI's receipt of small business contracts, which resulted in the firm with 850 employees being debarred from federal contracting. (Computer Reseller News coverage was extensive: Article One, Article Two, and Article Three.)
Lloyd publicized the fact that the Bush Administration was cutting the SBA budget. (Dollars and Sense news coverage, Business Week's coverage)
Filed suit and won against NASA to obtain the names of firms awarded small business contracts by NASA. (Space Ref coverage)
Fought the SBA for the release of the Eagle Eye Report documenting that large firms continue to receive small business contracts. The report is a bit of a legend, and there are stories claiming the report did not actually claim that fact, but Lloyd proved that it did. (read Entrepreneur magazine coverage, All Business Coverage, and the Fairness in Procurement Alliance (FPA)'s concise report which includes many reference links to pertinent data)
Won a lawsuit against the SBA in Federal Court which forced the release of Contracting Data for the 2005 and 2006 fiscal years. (this story was covered nation wide by dozens of news outlets.)
Prompted the release of a Department of Interior (DOI) report which unequivocally concluded the SBA "consistently" failed to verify business size. (All Business news story)
Lloyd partnered with Congressman Hank Johnson to write the legislative bill, The Fairness and Transparency in Contracting Act, which passed and is now known as H.R. 2568. (Congressman Johnson's statement, Money Magazine / CNN coverage.)
Sued for the release of SBA's head spokesman, Communications Director, Mike Stamler's phone records. This is currently on appeal to the 9th circuit court (read Hispanic Business coverage, and Legal Radar's coverage: First Article, Subsequent Article)