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The ASBL is fighting to end the fraud, abuse, loopholes, and a lack of oversight, which has led to the diversion of federal small business contracts to some of the largest corporations in the United States and Europe. These indiscretions are literally allowing large firms to steal tax dollars set aside for small businesses with no consequences.  

Our battlefronts are the Office of Management and Budget, SBA, Congress and every federal agency awarding federal, state, and local contracts. We are working hard to encourage the government to adopt new laws and regulations that will preclude the federal government from reporting awards to large businesses as small business procurement awards and punish firms that misrepresent themselves as small businesses.  

In the pursuit of our goals, perhaps the most important element of our success is your help. We Need Your Help! Whether you contribute by becoming a member of the ASBL, informing us of injustices you have faced in working with the federal government, or by simply showing your support of our cause, your involvement is critical!

    Let us know of injustices you have faced in dealing with government contracts. We're here to help you.
    Show your support of ASBL by supporting small-business friendly businesses, or add our logo to your website to show you are part of the solution.
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