Key Reports from the SBA and others

  1. SBA small business procurement awards are not always going to small businsses
    FEBRUARY 24, 2005, report 5-14
  2. Large business receive small business awards
    February 24, 2005, report 5-15
  3. Review of selected small business procurements
    MARCH 8, 2005, report 5-16
  4. Audit of the contract bundling process
    MAY 20, 2005, report 5-20
  5. Audit of monitoring compliance with 8(A) business development regulations during 8(A) business development contract performance
    MARCH 16, 2006, report 6-15
  6. The central contractor registration needs large business and small busiess designation improvements
    March 21, 2006, report 6-18
  7. SBA OIG Semi-annual report
    September 2005
  8. SBA OIG Semi-annual report
    September 1995
    Improved Oversight Could Better Ensure Opportunities for Small Business Subcontracting
    May 13, 2005
    Increased Use of Special 8(a) Provisions Calls for Tailored Oversight
    June 21, 2006
  11. GAO-06-791R | Commerce Information Technology Solutions
    Next Generation Governmentwide Acquisition Contract
    June 14, 2006
    Increased Use of Alaska Native Corporations' Special 8(a) Provisions Calls for Tailored Oversight
    April 2006
  13. GAO-03-704T | Testimony Before the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives
    Reporting of Small Business Contract Awards Does Not Reflect Current Business Size
    Wednesday, May 7, 2003
  14. SBA Analysis of Type-of-Business Coding for the Top 1,000
    Contractors Receiving Small Business Awards in FY 2002

    December 2004
  15. The Center for Public Intergrity
    The Big Business of Small Business
    Top defense contracting companies reap the benefits meant for small businesses

    September 29, 2004




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