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  • 10/7/2013
Obama's Closing the Small Business Administration, Why Is the Media Helping?
  • 10/1/2013
Obama Revives Ronald Reagan's Plan to Kill Small Business Programs
  • 9/26/2013
Obama Small Business Administration Shutdown Will Go Unreported in Mainstream Media
  • 9/25/2013
SBA Fraud and Potential Closure Reveal True Small Business Advocates
  • 9/18/2013
Small Business Administration Closure Plan Will Be Deceptive and Devastating
  • 9/13/2013
Obama Needs to Focus 100 Percent on Syria and Forget About the Economy and Jobs
  • 8/29/2013
SBA Administrator Leaves Agency with Legacy of Fraud and No Successor
  • 8/27/2013
Pentagon PR Heavyweight Takes Over SBA Press Office, Why?
  • 8/23/2013
Obama's Plan to Close the SBA Will Sink the Economy and His Approval Rating
  • 8/21/2013
Obama Wants to Close the SBA to Cover Up Fraud, Not Save Money
  • 8/16/2013
Small Business Administration Head Leaving Soon, Why No Replacement Announcement?
  • 7/23/2013
Has the Mainstream Media Unwittingly Helped the Government Cheat Small Businesses?
  • 7/8/2013
Small Business Administration Cheats Small Businesses Again
  • 5/23/2013
Should the Federal Government Be Giving Small Business Contracts to Fortune 500 Firms?
  • 2/28/2013
Government Sequestration Cuts Pale in Comparison to Rampant Fiscal Abuse
  • 1/16/2013
Will Obama Succeed Where Reagan Failed in Closing the Small Business Administration?
  • 12/21/2012
Obama to Dismantle Small Business Administration, Increase Foreign Aid
  • 12/18/2012
Corporate Giants Should Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes
  • 11/16/2012
Every American Needs to Watch The Warning on Netflix if They Want the Truth about the Financial Collapse
  • 11/14/2012
We Lost the War on Terror the Day We Attacked Iraq
  • 11/7/2012
Romney Should Have Exposed Obama's Track Record With Small Businesses and Minorities
  • 11/6/2012
Should We Send Federal Relief for Hurricane Sandy to Beverly Hills?
  • 10/30/2012
Romney and Obama Need Something More Than Their Typical Campaign Rhetoric
  • 10/30/2012
Heart Disease, Cancer or Terrorist Attacks: What's Killing More of Your Friends and Family?
  • 10/9/2012
President Obama Needs to Make Good on His Promise to Invest in the Middle Class
  • 10/3/2012
One Question for President Obama Could Boost the Economy
  • 9/24/2012
U.S. Census Bureau Data Holds Secret to Real Job Creation in America
  • 8/24/2012
Boosting the Small Business Administration Budget Will Cut Deficit
  • 8/8/2012
What Does Washington Have Against Small Businesses?
  • 8/3/2012
The Most Effective Economic Stimulus Plan For Today's Economy Was Passed By Congress In 1953
  • 7/25/2012
Washington Ignores Simplest Solution To Job Creation And Economic Stimulus
  • 6/28/2012
One Broken Campaign Promise Could Cost Obama Election
  • 5/24/2012
NAACP Silent as Federal Contracts to Minority-Owned Small Businesses Drop
  • 4/25/2012
Congress Needs to Decide How Big a "Small" Business Is
  • 4/18/2012
Fraud, Abuse in Small Business Contracting Programs Needs to End Now
  • 4/9/2012
GSA Scandal Is a Window to the Way Washington Really Works
  • 4/2/2012
Do You Really Think Your Vote Counts?
  • 3/26/2012
Anti-Small Business Corporate Giants Want the Small Business Administration Closed
  • 3/20/2012
The Best Way for Congress to Help Small Businesses is to Not Close the Small Business Administration
  • 3/19/2012
$5 Per Gallon Gas is Coming; Where's Obama's Windfall Profits Tax on the Oil Industry?
  • 2/28/2012
Do Apple, Bank of America, GM and Chevron Sound Like Small Businesses to You?
  • 2/16/2012
Where Is Obama's Windfall Profits Tax On the Oil and Gas Industry?
  • 2/1/2012
The Only Man in America that Obama Has Not Fooled Speaks Out
  • 1/23/2012
State of the Union: Small Businesses Can Expect More of Obama's Failed Promises
  • 1/18/2012
While We're Sitting on the Cabinet, Let's Bring Something to the Table
  • 1/17/2012
President Obama Succeeded in Duping the Media, Congress and the Public About His Plan to 'Streamline' Government
  • 1/16/2012
President Obama's Claim About Shrinking Government is a Publicity Stunt
  • 1/13/2012
The Next President Will Be a Liar
  • 1/10/2012
Republican Candidates Are Ignoring America's Chief Job Creators
  • 1/4/2012
Washington and Banks Don't Understand Small Businesses Are the Engine of Economic Growth in America
  • 12/30/2011
Top 6 Reasons Obama's Economic Policies Failed in 2011
  • 12/23/2011
Obama to Approve a Series of Anti-Small Business Policies That Will Cheat the Middle Class out of Billions
  • 12/15/2011
Betrayed: Federal Audit Criticizes Small Business Administration for Excluding Small Businesses
  • 12/1/2011
John Boehner Is a Bag of Hot Air
  • 11/30/2011
The Government Is Trying Everything to Create Jobs Except the Only Thing That Will Work
  • 11/22/2011
The Super Committee Punts, and the Odds Are Stacked Against Small Business
  • 11/11/2011
The One Sentence Solution To Job Creation
  • 10/27/2011
Obama Jobs Bill Ignores Basic Principle of Job Creation: Small Businesses Create All the Jobs
  • 9/24/2011
Could a Simple Bill Save the World Economy?
  • 9/19/2011
Obama Sneaks Job-Killing, Anti-Minority Small-Business Policy Past Mainstream Media
  • 9/9/2011
Obama Is Not Trying to Create Jobs; He's Trying to Get Re-elected
  • 9/7/2011
President Obama's Jobs Plan Has Three Major Problems
  • 8/31/2011
CATO Institute Needs to Look at the Facts Regarding the SBA
  • 8/23/2011
Small Business Administration: the Most Important Agency in Washington Today
  • 8/23/2011
Defense and Aerospace Industry Should be Redirected to Renewable Energy Technology
  • 8/12/2011
One Honored Obama Campaign Promise Could Help Slash Jobs Deficit
  • 8/10/2011
Republicans Trying to End Small Business Programs Again
  • 8/3/2011
Executive Order Could Slash Jobs Deficit
  • 7/27/2011
Senate Probes Small Business Administration on Billions in Fraud and Abuse
  • 6/8/2011
What Else Has Congressman Weiner Lied About?
  • 4/21/2011
Department of Interior Sued for Refusing to Release Names of Individuals Involved in Contracting Abuses
  • 1/25/2011
Obama State of the Union Speech will be Predictable for the Middle Class
  • 1/18/2011
Supreme Court May Hear Case on SBA Phone Records
  • 1/13/2011
FDIC Forum Ignores #1 Challenge for Small Businesses
  • 1/5/2011
Congressional Leaders Ignore Job Killing Contracting Abuse
  • 12/10/2010
Elimination of Loopholes for Pentagon Contractors Could Create Thousands of Jobs
  • 12/3/2010
Unemployment Jumps As Obama Continues Giving Small Business Funds to Corporate Giants
  • 12/1/2010
Obama Administration Wants Secret "Blacklist" for Pentagon Contractors
  • 11/29/2010
Pentagon Wants Secret Blacklist for Suppliers
  • 11/26/2010
SBA Loses Legal Battle Over Crisis Management PR Contract
  • 11/17/2010
Pentagon to Review 21-Year-Old Test Program
  • 11/15/2010
Commerce Department & SBA Merger Could Cost Small Business Billions
  • 11/8/2010
New York Congresswoman Backs Bill to Bring Billions in Contracts to State
  • 10/29/2010
Department of Homeland Security Sued Over Boeing Contract
  • 10/26/2010
Congress to Investigate Pentagon Comprehensive Test Program
  • 10/20/2010
Pennsylvania Representative Jason Altmire Named "Most Anti-Small Business Congressman"
  • 10/18/2010
9th Circuit Rules SBA Does Not have to Release Agency Phone Records
  • 10/13/2010
Federal Judge Denies SBA Move To Drop Case on PR Contract
  • 10/11/2010
Obama Rhetoric on Infrastructure Spending Doesn't Match Administration Actions
  • 10/6/2010
GTSI Admitted They Were Not a Small Business on 1999 SEC Documents
  • 10/4/2010
Small Business Administration Suspends GTSI From All Government Contracts
  • 10/1/2010
Bush Administration Policies Continue to Short Change Small Businesses Out Of Billions
  • 9/24/2010
Jobs Bill Could Harm Legitimate Small Businesses
  • 9/23/2010
Jobs Bill May Be Harmful For America's 27 Million Small Businesses
  • 9/22/2010
Jobs Bill Should Contain Language to Increase Contracting Opportunities for Small Businesses
  • 9/21/2010
Department of Energy Loses Legal Battle to American Small Business League
  • 9/21/2010
A New Idea for President Obama Do What You Said You Would Do
  • 9/17/2010
Jobs Bill Should Include Language to Increase Contracts for Small Businesses
  • 9/16/2010
Pelosi Asked to Remove Loophole for Fraudulent Contractors
  • 9/15/2010
Department of Homeland Security Sued Over Data on Lockheed Contract
  • 9/15/2010
Obama Small Business Task Force Ignores Biggest Problem for Small Businesses
  • 9/15/2010
Obama Jobs Bill Could Be Job Killer for Small Businesses
  • 9/8/2010
New Obama Policy Won't End Diversion of Federal Small Business Funds to Corporate Giants
  • 9/7/2010
New Obama Economic Policies Will Ignore Simple Solution to Stimulus
  • 9/3/2010
Why Did President Obama Hide Record Small Business Numbers
  • 8/31/2010
An Open Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama from American Small Business League President Lloyd Chapman
  • 8/30/2010
An Open Letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
  • 8/30/2010
Obama Ignores Prime Opportunity to Help Prevent Double Dip Recession
  • 8/27/2010
Double Dip Recession Could be Prevented with Silver Bullet Bill
  • 8/24/2010
Obama-Administration Fabricated Small-Business Contracting Data Coming Soon
  • 8/24/2010
Obama Refusing to Back Private Sector Jobs Bill
  • 8/19/2010
Jobless Claims Soar as Obama Continues to Shortchange Small Business
  • 8/6/2010
Obama Administration Will Bury Small Business Contracting Data
  • 7/29/2010
Contracting Abuses Could be Solved With New Bill
  • 7/27/2010
Contracting Reform Bill Will Trump Obama Jobs Bill
  • 7/19/2010
Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson Champions Small Business Legislation
  • 7/15/2010
Little Known Bill Could Slash Unemployment
  • 7/8/2010
Defense Industry Giants Block Small Business Job Creation Bill
  • 7/4/2010
Schwarzenegger Won't Back Bill to Bring Jobs and Contracts to California
  • 7/2/2010
Jobs Report Proves Congress Should Pass Small Business Bill
  • 6/30/2010
Obama Small Business Forum Was A Slap In The Face To Small Businesses
  • 6/29/2010
Obama Forum Dominated By Angry Small Business Owners
  • 6/29/2010
Exxon Profits Soar, Still No Windfall Profits Tax from Obama
  • 6/28/2010
Analysis of Latest Obama Administration Small Business Contracting Data Released
  • 6/28/2010
NASA Sued for Refusing to Release Contracting Data
  • 6/26/2010
Obama Small Business Task Force May Ignore #1 Problem
  • 6/22/2010
Obama Administration Small Business Forum Shuns Critics
  • 6/20/2010
Department of Energy Sued Over Bechtel Contract Data
  • 6/18/2010
Dear President Obama, Quit Cheating Small Businesses Out of Federal Contracts
  • 6/16/2010
Obama Small Business Conference Draws Criticism
  • 6/14/2010
Army Sued For Refusing to Release Contracting Data
  • 6/9/2010
General Services Administration Officials to Be Deposed in Lawsuit Over Contracting Data
  • 6/8/2010
NASA Sued For Refusing to Release Contracting Data on United Space Alliance
  • 6/6/2010
SBA Sued for Refusing to Release Information on Public Relations Contracts
  • 5/31/2010
Obama Administration Faces Court Battle Over Contracting Data
  • 5/28/2010
Obama Proposes Tax Cut for Mega Rich Venture Capitalist Contributors
  • 5/26/2010
New In-depth Report Challenges Obama Small Business Track Record
  • 5/25/2010
Obama Small Business Task Force Will Likely Threaten Small Business Programs
  • 5/24/2010
Federal Investigation Finds Corporate Giants Received Billions in Small Business Funds
  • 5/21/2010
Department of Energy Surrenders in Legal Battle for Bechtel Contracting Data
  • 5/18/2010
Navy Sued For Refusing to Release ManTech Contracting Data
  • 5/16/2010
Obama Should Focus On Jobs Not Health Care
  • 5/15/2010
Obama Administration Destroys Incriminating Contracting Data
  • 5/14/2010
Dear Pentagon and Defense Contractors: It's Not Patriotic To Cheat America
  • 5/11/2010
No Explanation from Schwarzenegger on Opposition to Pro Small Business Bill
  • 5/9/2010
Federal Judge Clears the Way for Destruction of Incriminating Contracting Data
  • 5/4/2010
Court Order Could Stop Obama Administration from Destroying Incriminating Data
  • 4/26/2010
Obama Broken Campaign Promise Celebrates Second Anniversary
  • 4/14/2010
Obama's Exemption from Capital Gains Tax Will Benefit Investors More than Small Businesses