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"It's not what you think it is": The government's bailout loans are failing small businesses like mine, says Farmgirl Flowers' CEO

Business Insider
April 29, 2020

Makeshift distribution centers, furloughed employees, and countless frustrations: This is the unfortunate reality for Christina Stembel, the founder and chief executive officer of San Francisco-based startup Farmgirl Flowers.

Farmgirl Flowers was founded in 2010. At the time, Stembel used her own savings account and a cash-back credit card to cover business expenses and get her business off the ground.

"I had this idea about how I could disrupt this very large floral industry and create something that I would want to receive myself as a consumer," Stembel told Business Insider. "We were the first company in that space to embrace the idea that less is more."

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