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"Canavan said Bechtel supports the American Small Business League in its efforts to promote small businesses."

- The Frederick News-Post, January 22, 2010

"I am proud to have the support of the American Small Business League and their grassroots efforts to help protect American small business."

- President Barack Obama, February 26, 2008

“Lloyd Chapman and the American Small Business League deserve recognition for the hard work they have done trying to bring an end to the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants. Their efforts, along with the passage of H.R. 2568, will provide a significant boost to our nation’s middle class economy.”

- Congressman Hank Johnson, July 21, 2009

“It is an honor to join you today to introduce one of my favorite
constituents from Novato, California, Lloyd Chapman, and I am confident that Mr. Chapman's testimony will prove insightful. He has been an outspoken advocate for small business people in our North Bay community--we are right across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco--and he has been an advocate for small business people throughout the country for over 17 years…Lloyd's tireless efforts have led government purchasing agencies to review their small business-certification processes to ensure that contract
set-asides for small businesses truly go to small businesses.”

~ Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, May 7, 2003

“I just wanted to extend my appreciation & continued support for the ASBL.
Lloyd has been a godsend in helping small businesses have a ‘voice.’ It's
invaluable for me to have (legal) input and to work toward resolutions on
issues that come up in my business. A lot of time small businesses,
especially when they contract with the government, feel alone and helpless.
I would really encourage all small businesses in the world of supplying the
military/government to support ASBL-the small business advocate.”

~ ASBL Member Pam, November 2008

“Mr. Chapman, I look forward to some day having the honor of meeting you in person, to say "thank you" for all of your hard work and efforts on our
behalf, and to shake the hand of the one national and prominent leader
willing to fight for the small guy. In the meantime, thank, and God Bless
you sir.”

~ Scott Gingold, July 2009

I think Lloyd is a hero to every small business in the country... With all the others claiming to be small business advocates, he is the only one DOING something. Thank you Lloyd!!”

~ Mary, July 2009

“Your President [Lloyd Chapman] is good. I hope he keeps the heat up. If he wins this case to get Obama & SBA to stop diverting money away from small businesses (including somehow returning the money that already went out by recounting the last few Fiscal Years wrong accounting of small business contracts), he will have lifetime memberships from many thankful small business owners.”

~ ASBL Member Allen, May 2009

“It really ticks me off that other small business groups claim to be helping
me, but haven't done squat. How can I trust that they are on my side, when
their largest members are writing their paychecks? And through the years
I've yet to see them take a stand for small business like the ASBL has done.
With the ASBL we finally have an organization that cares and is fighting a legitimate good fight for small business, not just putting a lot of words and fluffy "pure white snow" out there.”

~ Margaret, July 2009

“Lloyd, as always thanks for all the hard work you do for small businesses
across the country!!”
~ Joe, June 2009

“98% of firms in America have has less than 100 employees and only one
person is bringing this to the attention of the national media?? Thanks
~ ASBL Member James, December 2008

“Thanks for keeping up the fight for us small businesses Lloyd!”
~ Small Business Owner Tom, February, 2009





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