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Please find below a list of various sources of information, regarding the current policies of the United States Government and the investigations conducted to show the way that Large, Fortune 1000 Companies are in possession of contracts that should belong to Small Businesses.

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    Government Reports

    SBA Small Business Procurement Awards Are Not Always Going To Small Businesses (Report Number - 05-15)

    Large Businesses Receive Small Business Awards (Report Number - 05-14)

    Review Of Selected Small Business Procurements (Report Number - 05-16)

    Audit Of The Contract Bundling Process (Report Number - 05-20)

    Audit Of Monitoring Compliance With 8(A) Business Development Regulations During 8(A) Business Development Contract Performance (Report Number - 06-15)

    The Central Contractor Registration Needs Large Business And Small Business Designation Improvements (Report Number - 06-18)

    SBA OIG Semi-annual report: (2005)

    SBA OIG Semi-annual report: (1995)

    SBA Analysis of Type-of-Business Coding for the Top 1,000 Contractors Receiving Small Business Awards in FY 2002

    GAO - Alaska Native Corporations: Increased Use Of Special 8(A) Provisions Calls For Tailored Oversight

    GAO - Commerce Information Technology Solutions: Next Generation Governmentwide Acquisition Contract

    GAO - Increased Use of Alaska Native Corporations' Special 8(a) Provisions Calls for Tailored Oversight

    GAO - Testimony Before the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives: Reporting of Small Business Contract Awards Does Not Reflect Current Business Size

    Contract Management Report "Small Business Act Certification Fraud: Raising the Stakes," by Al Krachman.

    Eagle Eye Analysis of Small Business Contracts going to Large Companies.

    Observations of an SBA Loophole by Charles Tiefer, Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore Law School

    OMB Will Require Annual Re-Certification Of Small Firms on GSA Schedules, GWACs


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