Washington Journalists Force Cancellation of White House Small Business Event

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Washington Journalists Force Cancellation of White House Small Business Event

ASBL is Joined by DC Journalists in Exposing SBA Fraud

By Lloyd Chapman
American Small Business League
October 9, 400

PETALUMA, Calif., May 13, 2015/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A major White House event to announce the Obama Administration’s most recent SmallBusiness Procurement Scorecard was abruptly cancelled on Friday afterPublic Citizen released an embarrassing investigative report that found the administration’s smallbusiness data had actually been falsified and significantly inflated.

SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweetwas scheduled to lead the event along with several members of President Obama’scabinet and other senior executives.

Public Citizen’s investigative report was titled “Sleighted“with a subtitle, “Accounting Tricks Create False Impression That SmallBusinesses Are Getting Their Fair Share of Federal Procurement Money, and thePolitical Factors That Might Be at Play.”

The report was based on research by the American Small BusinessLeague (ASBL) and interviewswith President and founder Lloyd Chapman.Chapman has been sounding the alarm on rampant fraud and abuse in federalsmall business contracting programs since 2002. Chapman’s ASBL has been theonly national small business organization to expose the rampant fraud with abarrage of pressreleases, blogs, TV and radio appearances and recently shortdocumentaries.

An article published by Washington Business Journalcorrespondent, Kent Hoover, titled, “It’s Time for SBA to get real about small business contractingnumbers,” appears to have also played a role in the administration’sdecision to suddenly cancel the event. Hoover contacted the SBA Press Office onThursday and asked for a list of the top 100 recipients of federal smallbusiness contracts.

Hoover also let the Press Office know he would be askingAdministrator Contreras- Sweet why the SBA continued to include Fortune 500firms in their small business contracting data. SBA Press Office Director Terry Sutherland hasgone underground since the controversy broke. The ASBL has accused retiredNaval Commander Sutherland of using his position as SBA Press Office Director to help obscure blatant fraud that has been uncovered inPentagon small business contracting programs.

The ASBL released press releases and videos on May 7 and May 8 predicting the Obama Administration’s small businessnumbers would be fabricated and inflated with billions of dollars in contractsto Fortune 500 firms. Two more press releases were released on May 11 and May 12 confirming just that.

GovExec journalist Charley Clarkreleased his story on the SBA’s misapplication of the law that permits largecompanies to win small business awards titled, “Advocacy Group Accuses SBA of Misapplying Law on Small BusinessSet-Asides.

AllGov journalist, Steven Straehleyreleased his article on the humiliating SBA fiasco titled, “Small Business Administration Uses Variety of Accounting Tricksto Give Contracts to Big Businesses.

“Its nice to finally have some help in exposing the rampantfraud and abuse in federal small business contracting programs, since I firstuncovered it in 2002. I guess this means I have graduated from a conspiracynut to a credible whistleblower. I guess I need to prepare myself for theinevitable government anti-whistleblower campaign,” stated Chapman. 

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